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Dr David Fialkoff, Naturopathic Physician

Counseling in lifestyle, nutrition, psychology, exercise, diet, cooking, yoga,
art therapy, spirituality, herbs, homeopathy, natural medicine, ancestral issues, life transition, aging...
30 years experience. Extensive practice with seniors. House calls preferred; it's better to meet in your environment.

I listen, observe, explain.
Be happier, suffer less... immediately.
Together we can make it happen... easily.

People often don't act in their own self-interest; helping involves understanding why.
Specializing in practical advice; if it's not convenient, you're not going to do it.
Simple solutions are available for even complex problems.

Therapeutic Philosophy
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Historically, indoor plumbing, central heating, the eight-hour work day and other "hygienic" measures have done more to reduce illness than has medicine. Lifestyle prevents and helps cure disease.

Sometimes we keep eating, because our body is starving for a micro-nutrient. Eat food, not artificial ingredients. If some is good, more is not necessarily better. How you eat is sometimes more important than what you eat.

The minimum requirement is less than you might imagine; 6 minutes at a time, 6 times a week, but you have to do it. You gain an hour of life for every minute you exercise.

People are more likely to make dietary changes if they taste good. If you give your taste-buds a break from the processed food, they will regain their sensitivity to natural flavors. Tastes change; if you stop eating it for a while, you may not like it anymore.

If it's not convenient, you're not going to do it.

Most pain results from not stretching.

Carl Jung said, "We are all multiple personalities" and that we should "personify" the neglected parts of ourselves. They are asking for attention. They are intelligent. If you want them to be less hostile and obnoxious towards you (ego), try being less hostile and obnoxious towards them. They are you. "You find, paradoxically, that what you've been running away from is the source of your authentic being," James Hillman.

Art therapy-
Using the other 9/10s of your brain is often a good idea, especially when the usual 1/10 is stumped.

Something else is going on, something very comforting and affirming. Scientists, especially in the 1900s, tried to deny this, but quantum physics is much more like sorcery than it is like Newtonian physics. (Newton knew that something else is going on.)

Ancestral issues-
We are not the individuals we imagine ourselves to be.

Life transition-
Change as friend.

Growing up. Staying youthful while getting old.

Are not only the spice of life, but its tonic, supporting our biological systems, especially as we age.

Micro-dilutions of natural substances correspond to and correct the subtle imbalances at the root of disease.

Natural medicine-
The biggest obstacle to the acceptance of natural medicines is the fact that they are not patentable. Ralph Nader speaks of "orphan drugs," pharmaceuticals whose patents have lapsed and are therefore no longer manufactured. Follow the money.

I practice a compassionate, non-judgmental attitude towards problems, as in the Buddhist practice of Tonglen, where difficulties are embraced.
Be here now. Eat what's in your bowl. Start from where you are.
When you understand what is wrong, it stops being a problem... at least, it's easier to change what needs to be changed.

Dr David Fialkoff
After graduating John Bastyr College of Naturopathic Medicine (Seattle) Dr Dave was licensed by the State of Connecticut as a Naturopathic Doctor in 1983. He then opened Natural Medical Service, a general, private practice in West Hartford, Connecticut where he helped pioneer the spread of naturopathic and alternative medicine in New England. Dr David established Bald Mountain Retreat in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom in 2001.
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