Bald Mountain Retreat

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Sally Sue Simpson

for my daughter, Sefira


Sally Sue Simpson washed her hands and her face,
Then put on her nightgown the pink one with lace,
Hopped into her bed that cold winter night,
And laid down her head as she turned out the light.

She stared out the window with her open wide eyes,
Watching stars twinkling up there in the skies,
Remembering the day and all that she had done,
The laughter and play, all the friends and the fun.

She lie there and listened as daddy did sing,
A poem about dragons, a castle and king,
About bold knights in armor and witches so mean,
A fairy, a farmer and a very wise queen.

As she lie listening to that fairy tale song,
She closed her tired eyes and stretched out so long,
Snug like a bug in the covers so deep,
Gave her bear a big hug and she fell fast asleep.

Then Sally Sue Simpson she started to dream,
She floated through air like a boat on a stream,
Right up over rooftops and ever-so-soon,
Straight up through the clouds and clear over the moon.

She floated up there in the quiet of space,
Looking back at the Earth and its bluish-green face,
Everything there seemed as small as a mouse,
The schools and the markets and everyone's house.

Then Sally Sue Simpson she started to fly,
Grabbing hold of a star that had come shooting by,
She flew to and fro, her hair was quite tossed,
And when she let go she had gotten quite lost.

Slowly so slowly she drifted back down,
But still she could see neither city nor town,
She floated back down over mountains and sea,
Then perched like a bird in the top of a tree.

From the top of that tree she had quite a nice view,
Of buildings and roads there were only a few,
No cars and no busses, no trains to be seen,
Just fair fields and forests all covered in green.

She heard not a cricket, a frog or a bird,
No dog's bark, no cat's meow, not one single word,
No bell's ring, no banter, no clicking, no clatter,
She looked all around wondering what was the matter.

And nothing did move, not a leaf not a flower,
Every creature and plant had lost all of its power,
The birds and the bees all hung still up in space,
The clouds and the breeze were all frozen in place.

In that strange, scary land so silent and still,
When Sally Sue saw on a far distant hill,
A gleaming white castle stretching up to the sky,
She knew she must go there, at least she must try.

So down Sally Sue climbed to the ground there,
And these are a few of the things that she found there,
All frozen; a farmer, a horse and a wagon,
Three brave knights in armor all fighting a dragon.

She walked down the road past all that had stopped,
Frogs, rabbits, a toad stilled wherever they hopped,
Past children like statues who played with a ball,
Thrown up in the air where it stayed, didn't fall.

She walked on a river stiff, frozen like ice,
The fright things did give her made her scream once or twice,
Nothing else made a sound and nobody did hear her,
She had covered much ground and was getting much nearer,

To the castle she hurried 'though she never knew,
What she'd find and she worried about what she would do.
The wall stretched so high as she walked right up to it,
And she breathed a great sigh as the gate she went through it.

The lords and the ladies all still there were quiet,
But the food it looked good, Sally thought she would try it,
When a sound Sally heard, oh, she felt so alone,
It wasn't a word, it was more like a moan.

Still a sound was a sound and it made her feel glad,
To be lost there alone was too terribly sad.
Sally saw as she tried then to follow that tone,
A queen there who cried sitting high on her throne.

Now the queen looked at Sally and she said through her tears,
"You're the one, we've been waiting, to save us from fears,
To enliven our lands, our fortunes to switch,
To steal back the rose which was stole by the witch.

"The witch made some magic when she captured our rose,
All sound it was silenced, all movement was froze.
Now nothing new happens; Yes everything's stuck,
My dear you must help us. I wish you good luck.

"The witch took our rose to the woods deep and black,
Oh, Sally, please go there and bring our rose back.
I know you feel small, that this task is too scary,
But I'll send you the help of a very smart fairy."

Down from that castle all bright on the hill,
Sally went in those woods with a terrible chill,
Away from that kingdom all shiny and brightened,
Deep dark in the forest she was horribly frightened.

She saw a small light which she started to follow,
As she summoned her might and her fear she did swallow.
The light was the fairy which the queen she had sent,
And it guided her steps on the way that she went.

As that little light floated on down the trail,
She kept it in sight as ahead it did sail,
And when it got brighter she knew she was nearing,
The witch who did live in a dark, dismal clearing.

Then the light Sally followed it stopped and got big,
And a fairy stepped out and she danced a short jig.
She sparkled like diamonds in beautiful clothes,
And she told Sally Sue how to win back the rose.

She whispered and leaned close to Sally she told,
How onto that sweet rose she must tightly hold;
No matter whatever not to loosen her grip,
And never no never to let that rose slip.

That witch was the ugliest sight Sally'd seen,
Her teeth were all black and her skin it was green,
Her nose was quite crooked, her hair was like wire,
And she snored as she slept in the mud by the fire.

First Sally Sue froze then fear started to shake her,
To win back the rose from the witch she must wake her,
For she slept on a pillow of swords, knives and whips,
Beside a sad willow with the rose in her lips.

Now to get to that witch Sally had to walk past,
Spiders filling a ditch, oh her heart beat so fast,
Past some very large lizards, by black snakes in a mound,
Past the teeth of two wizards lying there on the ground.

Sally got up real close with her heart strong and full,
Reached out for the rose and she gave a big pull,
That witch she woke up as that rose left her grip,
And she screamed as a thorn of that rose cut her lip.

But Sally had left with a leap and a bound,
And ran straight away without looking around.
The witch grabbed her broom, quick up she did fly,
And she called down to Sally from out of the sky.

"Little girl you're a fool for everyone knows,
That I'm wicked and cruel, better give back my rose.
If not then I warn you I'll send storm and beast,"
But brave Sally Sue didn't stop in the least.

She ran past a lion, a tiger, a bear,
Through bats who were flying and stuck in her hair,
Thunder and lightening struck all around her,
Terribly frightening those things did astound her.

But she ran and held tight, that rose didn't slip,
With all of her might she kept up her grip,
Yes the words of the fairy were still in her ear,
And although it was scary the castle was near.

She ran from the wood right up that high hill,
As fast as she could she kept running until,
Before the throne of the queen she did stand,
To her alone gave the rose in her hand.

When the queen took that rose a smile came to her face,
All the people unfroze, waking up in their place,
They all started to sing, they all started to dance
And the bells they did ring no more lost in their trance.

All the creatures and plants got back all of their power,
Yes the witch's mean spell broke when she lost that flower,
Birds started to fly, children started to play,
Clouds moved in the sky, Sally had saved the day.

All of the people praised Sally Sue,
On their shoulders they raised and carried her to,
A party, the best that a girl ever had,
She had passed the test, everyone was so glad.

She was also quite gay, Sally Sue felt inspired,
But by the end of that day she was also quite tired,
So in someone's bed she did quietly creep,
And lay down her head as she fell fast asleep.

And she started to dream about a bed and a bear,
It certainly did seem that she had once been there,
About a girl stretched out long in the covers so deep,
And a fairytale song which was sung as she sleep.

She woke when dawn came in her very own bed,
Her room just the same, in her arms her bear Ted,
That dream seemed so strong, witch, queen, castle and king,
Was it all just a song that her daddy did sing?

Then she realized that her nightgown was torn,
And another surprise, her hand scratched by a thorn.
Now how could this be? Yet right there by her nose
Sally could plainly see a most perfect red rose.

Yes dreams too are real, sometimes fortunes they tell,
And witches do steal, but you can break their spell,
Even though you feel small to your own self be true,
And you'll help one and all just like brave Sally Sue.

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