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Kabbalah Primer
(Table of Contents)




Table of Contents


Introduction Self and Other, Resisting the Flow, Fortress Ego, Disease as Cure, Mystical Science

Part One

Unity Enlightenment as loss of ego-self
Wholeness And Separation The dynamic poles of existence
Ego and Higher Self Survival self versus identity with others
"This also is for good" Optimism as an effective strategy
Holism Everything is meaningful
G-d's Song The code of ongoing creation
Peace in Heaven Unity of conflicting elements.
Demystification Truth is simple and not far from you
A Note on Language Terminology/Vocabulary
Openness Not knowing is okay, essential
On One Foot The bottom line… the rest is commentary
Life's Purpose
Free Will, Independence
Humility Giving up preconceptions yields new perspectives
Reality Being here now, as it is
Darkness and Light Mutual exclusivity versus mutual dependence

 Part Two

Kabbalah Healing: The Method
Tzimtzum/Constriction and Diminution Limitation and constraint as the natural order
The Prince in the Provinces The advantages of negativity
Vessels and Lights Creating the space to receive
The Ten Sefirot/Divine Attributes Putting pants on G-d
The Tree of Life Divine geometry of life
G-d's Image The microcosm reflects the macrocosm; as above so below
The Primordial Man/Adam Kadmon
The Four Worlds Last in action, first in thought
Orders of Infinity A mathematical parable
Flatland A geometric parable
Sparks Sin of the Tree of Knowledge
Bread of Shame Earning versus inheriting
Evil Disease run amok
Tying Things Together: Mitzvot/Commandments The guidebook to the universe
"Charity": "The Mitzvah" Righteousness: the right thing to do
Bitul/Self Negation Negativity comes because the ego needs to be negated
Divine Sexuality The heavenly root of instinct
The Shechinah/The Divine Presence Moments of enlightenment, of G-d in the world
A Dwelling Below The world coming to G-d of its own accord
Israel in Egypt: Slavery and Redemption The purpose of exile. The work of negativity
Torah The esoteric and exoteric ground of reality
E=MC2 Einstein's Unified Field Theory
Angels Biblical science: gravity, nuclear forces
Free Will Its blessing and curse render us partners in creation
Miracles Supernatural and natural
Heaven/The World to Come/Olam haBa Perception of G-d, the reward of righteousness
Fear of G-d Respecting the negative; the wingspan of emotions
Reincarnation Karma: getting it right
Collective Soul The lie of the individual
Five Levels of Soul Soul connection
A Map of the Soul Hierarchy of faculties
The Animal Soul/Nefesh Behamis and the G-dly Soul/Nefesh Alokis Orienting the strength of desire
Self Sacrifice/Mesiras Nefesh Going beyond yourself
Yearning and Retreat : Ratza v'Shuv Surfing the ups and downs
An Arousal from Below Stimulates an Arousal [a response] from Above Reaping what you sow; attitude is everything
Indwelling and Encompassing Light : Memalay and Soviv Transcending the order of creation
Judgment and Repentance: Din and Tshuva The advantage of sin
A Descent for the Purpose of an Ascent: Yiridah Storich Aliyah You have to go down to go up
Oneness From One to infinity to One
Thought, Speech and Deed Garments of the soul
The Four Levels of Life Interdependence of mineral, vegetable, animal and man
The King's Banquet Appearance versus true substance
Prayer: Speaking to G-d Giving voice to the inward.
Personal Prayer Personal versus formal relationship with G-d
Wordless Prayer An impulse beyond words
The Name YHVH on the Tree
Names of G-d


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